We cater for all levels and ages.  Our treks are through our farm of 150 acres and the local countryside of East Clare.

We try when taking the booking to get as much information with regards to previous riding history and rough heights and weight of the riders.  This is so horse and rider can be appropriately matched.

Trekking in Clonlare

All beginners are led and all treks are led by an escort. Two depending on the size of the ride.

After clients have filled out paperwork , they are mounted and accessed in an arena before going out.  They are instructed on what to do if they have a problem eg: horse eating grass.

What equipment do I need to bring:

We have hats and  boots, but ideally if  you have your own wellingtons or a boot with a heel is also suitable.  We ask you to wear as little jewellery as possible and not to wear sneakers or trainers as they are not safe when riding.


We are also farming and breed horses so often you will see young calves or foals along the way.


Where you have a group of varying levels the group has to ride to the lesser level for safety reasons as they cannot be expected to rise to the level of more experienced friends or family.

More experienced riders can have the option of doing some jumping in the fields if their level is sufficient.